Why Computers Die Alone

Why Computers Die Alone 

Why does the computer die alone? find out the cause so that you can take corrective action properly. Computers die alone or laptops or netbooks die themselves, the cause is almost the same. If all computer devices are not used in accordance with the procedure, then the possibility of the computer turning itself off can happen at any time.

What Causes the Computer to Die Alone

The reason for the computer to die itself must be known so that the computer or laptop that is used does not become fatal damage or not even be used again. Damage that occurs as a computer dies itself caused by the use of computers, laptops that are excessive and the result of dust that is attached to the computer cooling components. Cara Menghilangkan Watermark bandicam

For damage to the computer to die itself suddenly, you must find out where the error is so that your computer turns itself off. The following are the steps taken to resolve the computer itself.
  1. Check the power cable that is connected to electricity, usually the power cable can be loose so it is not able to send electricity to the power supply for the computer. Beat the cable, if the cable is a little loose, you should replace the power cable that really fits with the connector on the power supply (desktop computer). For a laptop type of computer, there is no need to check the cable to electricity because the laptop uses a battery, unless you do not use a battery or laptop battery does not store current.
  2. Open the CPU case and touch on the processor and chipset cooling plate, does it feel excessive heat? if yes then rest your computer for a moment, after it cools then clean the fan and cooling plate from the dust that sticks.
  3. Check the voltage, whether the mains voltage when the computer is off is normal or is not stable, if it is not stable, you should not use a computer first. Even if it is used, it must use stavolt as a computer scanning.
  4. Clean the other components attached to the motherboard from dust and then replace the components in their respective places.
  5. Perform routine cleaning on the computer cooler.

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