How To Protect Windows Folders Without Special Software

How To Protect Windows Folders Without Special Software

Important and confidential folders that are not easily accessible to other people should be given special attention in the form of providing protection for the security of the data contained in the folder. Moreover, this protection is  to protect a child’s access rights to an adult-only folder.

The way to protect folders in Windows is easy, just by using the command from the prompt drive or Command Prompt.

Already know What is a command prompt? if you already know the next paragraph, but if you don’t know what the command prompt is, the following is the definition according to the Blog, namely the command prompt is commands that can be given to the computer through a prompt drive such as DIR, COPY, VER, SYS, REN, MD, CD, CLS, FORMAT, FDISK etc.

The following is the command to protect folders on Windows XP. And in this program I use Windows XP Service Pack 2.
Previously, I apologize, because this article is not equipped with images because of the ease of access to this blog and the following how to protect the folder so that it cannot be accessed by other computer users.

Run Command Prompt by clicking Start – All Programs – Accessories – Command Prompt.

for example we will protect the DATA folder on drive D, the command is:
cacls d:data /p administrators:n

then press ENTER

Are You Sure (Y / N) questions?

type Y which states Yes then press ENTER
by running the above command, the DATA folder on drive D is protected and can no longer be accessed.

To give DATA folder access rights or to open the DATA folder protection, you must run the cacls command as follows:
cacls d:data /p administrators:f

with the above command, the previously protected DATA folder will be accessible again.
The weakness of folder Cara Menghilangkan Watermark bandicam protection commands through the command prompt is that they can be easily accessed again if the computer user already knows this folder protection command (cacls).

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