How to Eliminate Arrow Signs on the Desktop Icon

How to Eliminate Arrow Signs on the Desktop Icon

How to Eliminate Arrows on Desktop Icon. Our computer science will increase by knowing how to remove the mark on the desktop icon. This arrow has been a long time since I myself did not like to see it. Desktop appearance becomes dirty, unclean and less pleasing to the eye. If my friend is the same as me, I am not happy with the appearance of the arrow icon and intend to remove the arrow on the icon, here are the tips. This article is also intended for friends who ask how to remove the arrow on the icon on the Windows desktop.

I remove the Arrow from the Desktop Icon, I practice it in Windows 7. If you have a different version of Windows, I don’t think there is a problem because running Regedit is the same way. Ok, continue, how do you run Regedit, you know? if not, click Start then type REGEDIT (may be lowercase) then press ENTER. For Windows XP users please click Start then select the new RUN type REGEDIT and press ENTER.

In the Regedit window please press F3 and type ISSHORTCUT and do a search to find the InkFile code (left window) and IsShortCut (right window). After that right click on IsShortCut and select rename. Add a letter after the word IsShortCut, for example IsShortcuta. Here I add the letter a at the end of the word IsShortCut so that it becomes IsShortcuta. You can add any letters at the end of the word IsShortCut. After adding a letter (caracter) at the end of the word IsShortCut, now is the time to prove by closing the regedit window and restarting your computer and see the results as below, the arrow has disappeared so that the icon looks cleaner.

The letters that can be added at the end of the word IsShortCut are free, even I have tried them with special characters such as asterisks and spaces. Friend, please try with a different character. Hopefully our tips and computer science today can be useful.

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