5 Main Causes of Slow Computers

5 Main Causes of Slow Computers 

Is your computer slow? know the 5 main causes of slow computers to immediately take remedial action to restore access speed for your computer. There are many causes that make computer performance slow, but from the many causes I conclude that only 5 main causes of computers are slow. Here are the five causes of slow computers.

1. Hardware Damage

Hardware damage (hardware) that makes the computer slow is damage to the motherboard and hard drive. Damage to the motherboard and hard drive is caused by some motherboard or hard disk components not functioning properly to read and send information data. On the hard disk, this damage is mentioned by bad sectors. If the hard disk is already a bad sector, then it can be ascertained that the computer will slow down, even very slowly.

The best way to overcome this is simply by replacing the old hard disk with a new hard disk. But if you still want to maintain the existing hard drive, please use software that is able to close the bad sector so that your computer can return faster. For bad sectors that are still early, it can usually be fixed by partitioning and reformatting the hard disk.

2. Hard Disk Full (Low Space)

Storage space on the hard drive greatly affects the speed of computer access. If the hard disk space is getting narrower (low space) then you can be sure the computer will slow down. This happens because the computer has difficulty placing data and information because the available free space is very limited.

The fix, please backup the data in the form of images, videos and music on other storage media such as CD, DVD, Flash Disk or other hard disk.

3. Virus attacks

Viruses are programs that work behind the scenes without being known by computer users themselves. Viruses can be known by using anti-virus to detect and clean them. Viruses are sent to disrupt computer work, steal data and information on the target computer.

The fix, use paid anti-virus, do not use free anti-virus, because free anti-virus does not protect the computer as a whole, and even deliberately let some viruses (intruder viruses) enter to interfere with computer performance, so computer users immediately pay for anti-virus.

The use of anti-virus is also not excessive. The use of excessive anti-virus is usually done by computer users who use free anti-virus. So one computer unit installed 2 anti-virus, this is an action that can slow down the work of the computer. Installing 2 anti-viruses is tantamount to facing 2 security guards at one gate.

4. Too Many Installed Programs

One of the causes of slow computers is that too many programs are installed. Too many installed programs cause even more services to run at Windows startup.

The fix, uninstall programs that are rarely used or even never used. Turn off some services that are considered suspicious, by typing MSConfig in run then remove the check mark on the service that is suspected.

5. Number of Temporary Files

Internet users will often experience this problem, the computer will slow down if the temporary program is never cleaned. This temporary program is formed when we open a website, blog through a browser. Temporary files will be stored on the hard disk to speed up the process of loading browser page views.

How to clean temporary files.

For Windows 7 and Windows Vista

  • Click the Start button
  • klik Control Panel
  • Klik Network and Internet
  • Pada Internet Options, klik Delete browsing history and cookies
  • On the General tab, click Delete under Browsing history
  • Centang pada Preserve Favorites website data, Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, Form Data, Passwords, InPrivate Filtering Data.
  • Click Delete

For Windows XP

  • Click Start
  • Klick Control Panel next double click Internet Options.
  • Click General tab
  • Click Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files.
  • In the Delete Files dialog box, select Delete all offline content
  • Click OK.

That’s the 5 main causes of slow computers, now you already know the cause of your computer to be slow, the next step please do the completion of the above periodically so that your computer remains fast when used. Good luck.

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